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Each Proposal is Ranked by the number of sponsers or number of signatures gathered.  Sponsors will not be allowed to print out the signatures received unless a proposal has at least 100 signatures or 5 sponsors.

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Welcome to the Earth’s first Internet Democracy Web page

Most states will allow any registered voter to attempt to put a proposition on the ballot. However, the number of signatures required to get a proposition on the ballot can be enormous. There are ballot initiatives that never make to the ballot box, simply because they do not obtain enough signatures. This site has been developed to allow you to see the propositions currently circulating in your state. Allowing you to cast your signature for the proposals that you approve of in your own time. The proposals will available for you to read through. For those of you with questions, we have developed a chat form where the sponsors of initiatives are free to log in and ask or answer questions. The site has also been developed to help you construct proposals of your own and obtain signatures to put your own proposal on the ballot box. The site is dependent and contingent to the laws in your state. Signing up is free and available to everyone, however, unlike voting each signature is a part of the public record and therefore not anonymous. Significant penalties exist for signature and voter fraud. Attempts at criminal behavior will be notified to local law enforcement. The law creation process is a very serious matter and not one to be taken lightly.  You will either make this site either succeed or fail. This site was made for you, so welcome home. Take your shoes off. We’re glad to see you.

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